To help release our album we made a crowdfunding project. I'm happy to say it was a success! We got the support of many and we appreciate it a lot! Hooandja really is a great portal where you can find awesome projects :) Special thanks again to all who supported us!



Another milestone - first time a song from our album was heard on the radio was on May 29th in “Raadio 2“ in broadcast by Maarja Merivoo-Parro. It was a great day and made me very happy :) It was a small step and a big step at the same time. For me it marked a special moment that I will remember and cherish. As we say in estonian “nagu päris” (“like the real thing”). Red Light comes up at around 00:32:


There was a sweet event in Kadriorg Tammsaare museum and we were asked to perform as I’m also a part of the local community here. As Pärtel and Jakob were my guys for the album then Vahur is my guy for the live concerts ;) He’s an awesome guitar player and I always enjoy working with him. Below we did Frutti di Mare as a vocalist-guitar duo :)


Now it feels like we are getting somewhere - we managed to release Red Light on Spotify! It seems like such an important platform and it feels like the “place to be”. After some struggles with releasing the song as collaboration (via Distrokid) so that it would appear on all of our profiles we managed to do it. Although the album is named Josmarine and my artist name is also named Josmarine then in the context of the album we are three separate artists who collaborated. We wouldn’t be here with this material without each other.